Advanced Sleep DDS (ASD) is a network of healthcare providers focused on delivering affordable healthcare to patients diagnosed with sleep disorders without sacrificing quality of care.

Who We Are

Dr. John C. Peterson has specialized in treating patients diagnosed with sleep disorders since 1980. Advanced Sleep DDS is board certified and a fully-licensed Medicare participating durable medical supplier. As a medical center of excellence all Providers must satisfy and maintain specific training standards. ASD has met credentialing standards partnering with medical payers. This model has allowed our network of providers to focus on our patients delivering quicker access to affordable treatment for the sleep apnea community.


November 1999 – Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

December 2003 – Founding member and diplomat status of the ACSDD

May 2003 – Charter member of Appliance Therapy Practitioners

What We Do

At Advanced Sleep DDS, we strive to truly collaborate with physicians. This means regular updates and sharing post-titration sleep test results. We offer home sleep testing but are happy to work with the sleep lab of your choice or accept a sleep test conducted within 5 years.

Our Promise

At ASD, we believe that all patients deserve access to quality healthcare to treat obstructive sleep apnea, temporomandibular joint disorders and migraine headaches. Healthcare will be ethics-based that prioritizes on the patient well-being and treatment outcomes above all else.